Mukhisa Kituyi Accused of Assaulting Woman at Mombasa Hotel

Mukhisa Kituyi Accused of Assaulting Woman at Mombasa Hotel
Mukhisa Kituyi Accused of Assaulting Woman at Mombasa Hotel

Africa-PressKenya. UPDATE; Thursday, June 10. Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai has ordered Coast regional police boss to launch a formal inquiry into assault allegations made against presidential aspirant Mukhisa Kituyi.

Mutyambai spoke after contradicting reports on the matter – with Kituyi indicating that the matter had been resolved and the police statement withdrawn. The woman, however, alongside the police officers who received a complaint, indicated that the investigation was ongoing.

Presidential aspirant Mukhisa Kituyi is facing accusations from a woman who claims he allegedly assaulted her at a five-star hotel in Mombasa last month.

According to a report by People Daily, the woman had filed a report at Nyali police station under OB Number 10/22/05/2021 claiming that Kituyi allegedly assaulted her for rejecting his advances.

She cited that Kituyi allegedly pushed her from the bed and continuously kicked her while on the floor. This, she claimed, led to injuries sustained on her left knee.

“Assault report to the station by one Diana Opemi Lutta who had submitted a report on May 22, 2021. She has been assaulted by a person known to her within Tamarind village, namely Mukhisa Kituyi whom she claims to be her boyfriend.

“Police advised her to seek medical attention for further police action after she was issued with a P3 form which was later filed at the Coast General Hospital,” read part of the police report.

Kituyi however, denied the accusations stating that the case had already been withdrawn.

“Someone had written a report claiming I had assaulted her but it was not true. I’ve never beaten any woman in my life nor do I intend to ever do it at any given time. We sorted out the case and it was withdrawn,” Kituyi stated.

Nyali OCS Albert Chebii, however, denied that the case had been withdrawn as claimed by Kituyi.

“We are still investigating the matter,” the officer stated.

Chebii’s statement was reiterated by a senior police officer at the Coast region who added that had the case been withdrawn, police records would have indicated the development.

“Once a complainant withdraws a matter at the station level, the withdrawal should be entered in the OB and a withdrawal statement signed by the complainant indicating he or she does not intend to proceed with the matter which is not the case in this matter,” the officer claimed.

Reports indicate that Kituyi was in the Coast region last month, popularising his Presidential campaign bid for the 2022 General elections.

The former Trade minister had returned to the country from Switzerland following his resignation as the Secretary-General for United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


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