Mutahi Kagwe Addresses Reports of Eyeing Runningmate Position in 2022

Mutahi Kagwe Addresses Reports of Eyeing Runningmate Position in 2022
Mutahi Kagwe Addresses Reports of Eyeing Runningmate Position in 2022

Africa-PressKenya. Health Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe, has dispelled speculations that he is eyeing a running mate position in the upcoming 2022 General Election.

During an interview on a local radio station on Thursday, October 14, Kagwe acknowledged that his growing presence in the public space has raised political eyebrows since his appointment to the Ministry of Health.

The CS, who also served as Nyeri Senator between 2013 and 2017, stated that he was focused on his duties at the Ministry, adding that he could not afford to deviate his attention to politics at the moment.

“I know that there has been this debate and I know that there has been speculation in all sorts of political spheres and political discussions but the only thing I can tell you is this. First and foremost, I must focus,” CS Mutahi stated.

He explained that the country was facing serious challenges and that speculations of him eying a political position was a non-issue.

“I cannot deviate my mind to other things then ignore the health issues that are significant and a threat to our country. Right now, I think that my mind cannot waiver. I need to be focused on when we can open the economy and for people to go back to their normal lives. That is what I want to focus on right now,” he affirmed.

Mutahi went ahead to add that the 2022 presidential election is instrumental to the country’s future, urging Kenyans to vote wisely. He stated that the legacy projects initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta needed to continue beyond his departure.

“Issues to do with the presidency are not issues to be discussed lightly. Such decisions will impact your kids and your grand kids. These are issues that will determine whether your kids are at work or are jobless and whether the work that is being done by President Kenyatta continues.”

“Expecting that somebody who does not have a drive for projects or a vision for this country and they will develop it when they get into the presidency is expecting too much,” the CS stated.

Kagwe joins other Cabinet Secretaries who have dispelled speculations that they are eying political positions as the country heads to the polls in 10 months.

Previously, his Land counterpart, Farida Karoney, reaffirmed that she would not join politics in the near future, stating that she can serve the country in other capacities.

“I am not looking for any political seat. So do not worry about me going to politics, I am not,” the CS revealed.


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