Nairobi Bishop Splashes Ksh5M in Political Campaign Launch

Nairobi Bishop Splashes Ksh5M in Political Campaign Launch
Nairobi Bishop Splashes Ksh5M in Political Campaign Launch

Africa-PressKenya. Bishop Godfrey Migwi has launched his political campaign by spending Ksh5 million in an early effort to clinch voter’s hearts.

Bishop Migwi who is the head of the House of Hope Church in Kayole, Nairobi has put up five billboards across Mathioya Constituency in Murang’a County hoping to unseat incumbent MP Peter Kimari.

Sources close to the clergyman told that Migwi spent Ksh500,000 on each of the billboards for two months.

“The people of Mathioya need change and I know what it takes to provide that change. I have lived amongst them, mobilized with them and I’m confident I know the kind of solutions they need to move forward.

“Being a man of God, I fully understand what it means to be a loyal, committed servant,” the bishop said in a phone conversation.

Migwi is not new to political circles and although he is yet to declare his party of choice, he enjoys close links to Deputy President William Ruto.

Ruto attended the launch of the 3-storey church earlier in 2021 where he boldly responded to President Kenyatta’s criticism of the DP’s allies.

“Don’t drive us the narrative of exclusion, of telling us about tribes and tribal chiefs. My friends, Wajinga wameisha Kenya,” Ruto said at the time.

Bishop Migwi’s association with the DP reportedly cost him his job at Mediamax Networks after he landed in trouble for questioning the president’s development record.

After leaving Mediamax, the clergy landed a job at BBC Swahili news as a religion and political analyst.

For more than five decades, religion has had a strong influence on Kenyan politics.

Churches or religious organisations are meeting points for large numbers of people which provide the opportunity for political mobilisation.


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