Parliament Announces Mass Job Opportunities: How to Apply

Parliament Announces Mass Job Opportunities: How to Apply
Parliament Announces Mass Job Opportunities: How to Apply

Africa-Press – Kenya. Parliament is seeking to recruit over one hundred individuals to serve in different capacities and help the Members of Parliament carry out their duties with ease.

In the latest job advertisement notice released on Friday, November 26, the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC), which is tasked with making recruitments in the August House, is seeking to hire 136 individuals.

The positions up for grabs range from senior to junior positions with December 10, 2021, being the closing date.

The positions advertised are Senior Marketing Officer (one position), Sales Officer (one position), Legal Counsel (28 positions), Clerk Assistant (20 positions), Media Relations Officer (7 posts), and Public Communications Officer (3 posts).

Others include; Research Officer (3 posts), Accountant (4 positions), Constituency Liaison Officer (3 posts), Public Communications Assistant (2 posts), Media Relations Assistant (1 position), Legal Clerk (6 posts), and Food and Beverage Controller.

Secretaries, telephone operators, artisans, waiters, cooks, and office assistants will also be hired in the latest advertisement.

The posts are ranked according to the Parliamentary Service Commission scale which determines how much each successful applicant will take home at the end of the month.

Requirements vary depending on the job position and scale. The basic ones include being a Kenyan citizen, having relevant academic qualifications, and clearance from the taxman.

How to Apply

The application process is not complicated. Interested applicants qualified persons are requested to make their applications online only through the Parliamentary Service Commission website. The website is found by searching through the internet.

Those who do not have registered accounts will be expected to create accounts before filling in the required details.

After successfully filing the details and attaching relevant documents, one is expected to submit the application.

Other applications through email, post office or even hard copies will not be accepted.

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