Photo of Scared Masai Mara Lion Goes Viral in Europe

Photo of Scared Masai Mara Lion Goes Viral in Europe
Photo of Scared Masai Mara Lion Goes Viral in Europe

Africa-PressKenya. Sometimes, we hear of preys challenging their predators in the wild but rarely do we hear of lions being scared of their prey.

International media house The Daily Mail featured the work of 54-year-old Norwegian photographer Olav Thokle on their website on June 8, 2021, portraying this rare moment captured at Kenya’s magical Maasai Mara reserve.

A pack of 4 lions, also known as the Black Rock Boys, attempted to hunt a herd of buffaloes before expecting the unexpected.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the photographer explained the unfolding of events leading to the viral photos.

“Suddenly, the buffaloes became aware of the lions’ presence. The strongest buffalo stormed towards the lions. Three of them ran away quickly but the fourth lion was surrounded by the raging buffalo and couldn’t get away.”

“He saw a lonely tree on the great savannah and climbed to safety from the big buffalo. He stayed in the tree for nearly an hour, before the buffalo herd left the area,” mentioned Olav.

The photos were taken four months ago on Jan 17, 2021, at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.

Here are some of the photos taken by the photographer.

This is not the first time footage of Kenya’s rare wildlife moments has gone viral.

On Friday, May 28, Dicken Muchena broke the internet sharing a 27-second clip of a hippopotamus chasing after him and his other three friends at Lake Victoria.

The footage showed the animal gliding through the water occasionally rearing its head to breathe as it continues to follow the boat.

Late last year on October 15, 2020, photos surfaced the internet of an elephant charging after a car.

The scene was captured on camera by 43-year-old Mwangi Kirubi, who was waiting in a car to take pictures in Amboseli National Park when two other vehicles hurried past him.

Around the same time, also surfaced another video capturing a giraffe chasing a car full of tourists at Masai Mara Game Reserve and nearly stepping on it.


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