Police Deployed in CBD After Nairobians Plan March to State House

Police Deployed in CBD After Nairobians Plan March to State House [VIDEO]
Police Deployed in CBD After Nairobians Plan March to State House [VIDEO]

Africa-PressKenya. Police officers were on Saturday, May 1, deployed in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) following a protest by workers and human rights defenders.

Photos and videos seen by africa-press.net showed teargas thrown near the National archives building. Reports indicated that one activist had already been arrested.

The protestors vowed to match to State House to get the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta, whom they wanted to listen to their problems.

Part of the issues they want to be addressed include; lifting of the partial lockdown and dusk to dawn curfew, provision of food for everyone, an immediate end to police killings and brutality and state repression.

Others included; access to free and quality healthcare, provision of clean water, decent housing, equitable access to jobs, free education, an immediate end to gender based violence and others.

The hashtag, “#PeoplesMarchToStateHouse”, trended the better part of Friday, April 30, with activists demanding that their voices be heard.

A similar group had taken to the streets in March, pleading with the president to unlock the Country.

Protestors including hotel and bar operators, entertainers and others, held peaceful demonstrations outside Nation media offices and lamented that they had been thrown out of jobs following the directives.

They complained that they were not only unable to pay rent but also to cater to their daily meals.

Days later, however, the president noted that it was necessary for him to lock down the Country due to the high Covid-19 positivity rate.

“My advisers indicated that if we are to mitigate this virus, the only thing we can do is lockdown. In fact, if we had gone by their extreme, they had wanted me to lock down the whole country.

“We had to tell them that we have an economy to protect and livelihoods and that is why they picked those counties that we locked down as the most heavily infected and we went for a partial lockdown,” Kenyatta stated.


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