Prepare for 2027, we can’t reverse 2022 polls – Mudavadi

Prepare for 2027, we can't reverse 2022 polls - Mudavadi
Prepare for 2027, we can't reverse 2022 polls - Mudavadi

Africa-Press – Kenya. Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has advised the opposition to start preparing for the 2027 general elections and let go of the 2022 polls. Speaking on Saturday in Migori, Mudavadi said at this point, nothing can be reversed no matter the number of protests held.

“My brothers and sisters, we cannot reverse anything now. You cannot reverse the fact that elections were held in August 2022,” he said.

“Sasa kama ni mpango, watu wajipange for 2027 (If it’s a plan, let people prepare for 2027). That is the logical thing to do.”

In a message directed to Azimio leader Raila Odinga, Mudavadi said the logical path to take was to review the strategies taken in 2022 so he can know how he lost the polls.

This, the Prime CS said, will help him prepare better for the next general elections. Mudavadi said the 2022 electoral process was democratic. “Even the Head of the IGAD Elections Observation Mission, former president of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome said Kenya’s democratic process gave pride to Africa,” he said.

Mudavadi and Teshome met on Thursday, where they discussed how to enhance regional and build tenets of democracy in the region. He further said he respected Raila, recalling that there was a time he, President William Ruto and other leaders supported the ODM leader.

He said they would meet with Suba South MP Caroli Omondi as the joint secretary and Ruto in the negotiation team for ODM. This is where they paved the path to Raila becoming the Prime Minister in 2008.

“Now, we want to stand with him, and we would also like him to stand with us so that we can build this country,” Mudavadi said. On Friday, Ruto passed the same message to Raila, asking him to prepare to face him in 2027.

“Stop your arrogance and stop wasting my time. Let us meet in 2027 and I will defeat you again,” he said while speaking in Kisii.

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