Raila will get votes in Central due to ‘Martha Effect’ – Murathe

Raila will get votes in Central due to 'Martha Effect' - Murathe
Raila will get votes in Central due to 'Martha Effect' - Murathe

Africa-Press – Kenya. Jubilee Vice- chairman David Murathe has claimed that Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga will get votes in Central due to the ‘Martha Effect’ in August polls.

Speaking on Friday at Spice FM, Murathe said the Azimio deputy presidential candidate Martha Karua will influence central voters, who will vote for Azimio.

“Raila has never had votes from Mt. Kenya, but he will this time due to the ‘Martha Effect’,” Murathe said.

He added that Karua has energized and exceeded women in the Mt. Kenya region and across the country.

Karua has been at the forefront of campaigning for Raila in the Central region.

She has urged her supporters to back Raila in the coming elections because he is a patriotic leader.

Karua has maintained that the Azimio camp will not relent in fighting corruption if elected in the next government.

Murathe said that the coming polls will be the most peaceful elections because people are calm.

He said that Kenyans should choose their leaders based on their character and track record.

He said deputy president William Ruto is dishonest in his promises to Kenya.

“Some people have been in the government for the longest time serving top powerful positions yet they did not deliver. They are coming to tell you what they will do for you when they were in government,'” he said.

At the same time, Murathe campaigned for Raila, urging Kenyans to back him in the presidential race.

He urged Kenyans to give him a chance to lead the country for the fifth trial.

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