Ruto Hits Out at Moses Kuria Over Mt Kenya Politics

Ruto Hits Out at Moses Kuria Over Mt Kenya Politics
Ruto Hits Out at Moses Kuria Over Mt Kenya Politics

Africa-PressKenya. Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday, September 11, condemned leaders who were creating parties along tribal affiliations during a meeting with Mt Kenya Youth Caucus at his Karen home.

In what seemed like an attack on Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, Ruto encouraged the youth to embrace leaders based on what they were bringing to the table and not their tribal affiliations.

Kuria had lamented that the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), a party associated with the DP, attempted to lock out other parties out of the hustler nation.

The legislator had rebuked the leaders, pointing out that the UDA outfit could not be the only vehicle to steer forward the hustler nation.

“Don’t accept to be told that this leader comes from our tribe. It is about you getting a job, it is about your business, health insurance that pays for you and your family, accessing food…It is not about our leaders or tribe,” Ruto stated.

“We must stop these guys from telling us that it is about our tribe and our leader. It is about every Kenyan and the greatest stakeholders are the young people,” he added.

Kuria lamented that UDA leaders wanted to take the country back to a one-party state like was the case during the KANU regime.

He warned against political intolerance, citing the Kiambaa church tragedy as an example in 2007 where a kid was thrown back into the burning church.

“It is this lesson that we failed to learn from the warning signals of 1992 and 1997 that led this country to a near armageddon of 2007/2008 General Election.

“If we had learnt this lesson in 1992 and 1997, a kid who was thrown from the bottom of a Church UP a window on December 30, 2007, would have survived,” Kuria stated.

He explained that he would drum up support for the DP but he would not join the party.

Kuria argued that Mt Kenya leaders would be answerable to their community in the event that the relationship with Ruto failed in the future.


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