Ruto: My support for Raila landed me at The Hague

Ruto: My support for Raila landed me at The Hague
Ruto: My support for Raila landed me at The Hague

Africa-Press – Kenya. President William Ruto has said it was his unwavering support for Azimio leader Raila Odinga that landed him at The Hague. While speaking in Migori on Saturday, Ruto said he stood with Raila in his time of need until he became the Prime Minister as he (Ruto) was taken to The Hague.

“Wakati mambo iliharibika na Agwmbo akawa Prime Minister, si mimi ndio nilipelekwa hague kwa sababu ya Raila Odinga? Kwani Orengo ndio alipelekwa Hague? Agwambo mwenyewe alienda Hague? Hawa watu wengine walienda Hague? Si mimi ndio nilipelekwa Hague kwa sababu ya Agwambo? Lazima tuwaambie ukweli,” he said.

Loosely translated to mean “When things became tough and he became the Prime Minister I am the one who was taken to The Hague because of him.” He said he supported and campaigned for Raila and even voted for him and asked why he was holding demonstrations instead of supporting him.

“Agwambo lazima arudishe mkono, mimi nilihangaika sana kwa sababu yake. Badala ya kunifanyia maandamano wewe ujipange unipigie kura 2027,” he said.

This translates to “I suffered because of him. Instead of planning protests during my reign, he should instead begin making plans to vote for me in 2027.”

Raila during the Monday protests said they will take President Ruto to the Hague. He said they had planned on holding peaceful protests in the city but Ruto ordered the police to hurl teargas at them.

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