Ruto’s Comparison of Himself to Biden Sparks Debate

Ruto's Comparison of Himself to Biden Sparks Debate
Ruto's Comparison of Himself to Biden Sparks Debate

Africa-PressKenya. Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday, April 29, compared himself to US President Joe Biden, saying that they both have a similar governing strategy.

On his social media pages, Ruto posted two tweets, one of Biden and himself, in a bid to compare their strategies.

“Countrymen, finally the wheelbarrow/Mkokoteni/Bodaboda moment is here. The discourse about; hustlers not tribe, wananchi not leaders; empowerment of ordinary hustlers not power for the few; ordinary hustler jobs not positions for the mighty; from bottom up not bottom down,” reads Ruto’s tweet from October 4, 2020.

He compared it to Biden’s tweet posted on April 29, 2021, which reads; “Trickle-down economics has never worked. It’s time to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out.

The comparison prompted mixed reactions from Kenyans, most of whom pointed out that the difference between the two leaders was that the DP had been in office since 2013.

“How comes you didn’t advice your boss to take this approach for the 9 years you have been leading this nation together,” James posed.

“Bottom-up model, the one being used by Biden doesn’t have to do with handouts, mikokotenis and wheelbarrows. Only fools would believe you,” Kihuria Ndorongo weighed in.

The DP has brought on board former CBK Governor Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u to help him craft the Hustler Strategy ahead of the 2022 general election.

Njuguna pledged to help develop the new economic model through the African Economic Research Consortium which, according to the DP, will ensure more resources are invested in the grassroots, greater economic participation and an expansion of the tax base.

The economist said that the state of the global economy demanded new thinking, bold ideas and fresh paradigms.

“It is gratifying to see economic experts endorsing this approach and expressing willingness to partner with us to actualize this revolution,” the DP stated.

The DP and his allies have been transversing the Country, rallying the masses into adopting the hustler strategy.


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