Ruto’s supporters celebrate victory in presidential race

Ruto's supporters celebrate victory in presidential race
Ruto's supporters celebrate victory in presidential race

Africa-Press – Kenya. A day after the Kenyan presidential election results were announced many supporters of William Ruto in the town of Eldoret were celebrating his victory in the presidential race.

Observers claim that Ruto’s victory marked a break with tradition in that he fought the campaign along economic terms and not ethnic lines.

Defeated candidate Raila Odinga announced that he would be challenging the results through the courts.

“I don’t think it (Ed. violence) will spread, because by now we have learned through the experience we had in 2007. It was a very bad experience so people have learned especially in this region of the Rift Valley because the place that was mostly affected during that time was in Rift Valley”, said Eldoret resident, Judy Kosgei.

William Ruto’s victory brought happiness to many in the town.

Another Eldoret resident, Hamida Nyawira, could hardly contain her excitement.

“The atmosphere in Eldoret we are so happy. Because of the results of yesterday we are so happy for our fifth President William Samoei Ruto”, she beamed.

Any challenge must be made by Monday to the Supreme Court, which then has 14 days to issue a ruling.

If there is no court petition, Ruto will take the oath of office in two weeks, becoming Kenya’s fifth president since independence.

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