Sakaja warns Nairobi youth against crime

Sakaja warns Nairobi youth against crime
Sakaja warns Nairobi youth against crime

Africa-Press – Kenya. Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has urged youth to keep off crime, adding that it is not a good deed.

While addressing the youth in sheng, Sakaja said times are tough but mugging people on the streets is not an option.

“Vijana, crime sio fiti, ata kama ni kunoma, kupiga watu ngeta sio poa . Na mkishikwa msinipigie juu itakua noma,” he said.

This is loosely translated to, “Crime is bad. I know times are tough, but mugging people on the streets is not good. If arrested, don’t call me, it will be serious business.”

The governor further urged the youth to give his government time to deliver the promises and create jobs.

His statement comes after a meeting with Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome.

Officials said the meeting was called to discuss ways of taming increasing crime in the city.

Residents say there is an increasing trend in muggings, robbery with violence and murder in the city.

As part of efforts to address the menace, Sakaja banned hawkers and street families from occupying and conducting business on footbridges within the city.

He said the groups have already been expelled from the footbridges and the Nairobi fire department has already pressure-washed the premises for the safety of pedestrians.

On Monday, the National Police Service released a list of crime hotspots in Nairobi, warning the public to avoid them at all costs.

The marked areas include Thika highway; along the Drive-In flyover to KCA, KCA underpass and Total exit.

Globe Cinema and Kipande road are also listed.

Others are ABC Place and Kangemi along Waiyaki Way, and parts of CBD including River Road, Archives, Kirinyaga Road and Fig Tree.

Police said the gangs are involved in robbery with violence, carjacking, assaults, burglaries and murder.

The NPS further recommended some measures to help the public stay safe.

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