Security Guard Recruited to KDF After 14 Failed Attempts

Security Guard Recruited to KDF After 14 Failed Attempts
Security Guard Recruited to KDF After 14 Failed Attempts

Africa-Press – Kenya. A security guard was on Monday, November 19, elated after he was finally accepted into the ongoing Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruitment exercise, taking place across the country.

Speaking to the press in Kapsabet, Nandi County, the recruit, Gideon Sang, narrated that he had unsuccessfully participated in the exercise a record 14 times beginning in 2006.

The security guard, who has worked for a private security company operating countywide, further noted that most of his friends had been accepted into the military in preceding exercises but he always fell short.

He also disclosed that Kapsabet chapter of the nationwide recruitment exercise was open and fair, with no cases of bribery being reported.

“Today, I came to Kapsabet to try and join KDF and I was lucky to be recruited. I feel so good because those I was with at NYS (National Youth Service), most were recruited then but I was left out.

“I thank the recruitment officers who were in Kapsabet because they did not ask for bribes and I really thank them. I have worked in a security company, KK Security, in Kisumu and I am still attached to it,” he stated.

He further noted that security work runs through his veins since two people in his family work as police officers and that he was inspired by them to keep trying his luck. In his career, Sang trained at the National Youth Service Academy where he enrolled in 2006 and left in 2010.

Sang was among thousands of people who turned up in various venues across the country in hopes of landing military jobs and be part of men and women charged with securing the country’s borders.

Hundreds of participants were turned away for lack of relevant documents while others did not meet the minimum physical requirements imposed by KDF.

“So many people were turned away. We showed up in numbers but they kept claiming that our identification cards and birth certificates. I would like them to consider everybody,” stated Godfrey Gikonyo, a resident of Nairobi.

Another participant who visited a Nairobi recruitment centre and was turned away revealed that he had passionately sought to join the forces since 2013 but was constantly turned away with every attempt, including the latest.

“I am in Nairobi and is where I have been looking for the opportunity. I started the exercise in 2013. This was my last try and I do not have any other time I will come to try. My age has advanced,” stated another.

Recruits are expected to have full set of teeth, must have few body scars, should not have ringworms and dark skinned applicants are most preferred.

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