Settle election disputes legally, lobby tells aggrieved leaders

Settle election disputes legally, lobby tells aggrieved leaders
Settle election disputes legally, lobby tells aggrieved leaders

Africa-Press – Kenya. The African Women Leaders Network, together with Echo Network Africa and Women Mediation Network, have asked leaders to settle election disputes legally.

In a press conference on Tuesday at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi, the women leaders asked leaders who felt aggrieved by the election results to refrain from actions that may escalate violence.

Dr Jenifer Riria, CEO of Echo Network, said that Kenyan’s civility throughout the electoral process is a sign of maturing democracy and it should be upheld.

“Kenya is a country that respects the rule of law and this should make us feel that much safer. In this respect, we urge candidates who may be aggrieved by the results to seek redress through legal means,” she said.

She said that Kenyans are slowly but surely appreciating that elections are seasonal, they come and go but the country remains.

Riria said that Kenya has strong institutions with the capacity to address disputes of any sort and pleaded with all parties to use them as the country resumes daily activities.

“We are aware that all our four Presidential Candidates had signed a Peace Pledge to maintain peace before, during and after elections.”

“We plead with them to be faithful to this commitment as well as any other decision made by the institutions mandated by our Constitution.”

She concluded by quoting one Journalist in the June 17, 1996 issue of Time Magazine.

“To hold power is to have at your disposal blunt instruments. But without influence, power dies out at the end of its own channels of command. To have influence is to gain assent, not just an entourage: to have imitators, not just subordinates. Power gets its way (when it gets it). Influence makes its way. And in free societies it makes its way faster,” Dr Riria said.

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