Sonko: I’m Unable to Pay School Fees for my Kids

Sonko: I'm Unable to Pay School Fees for my Kids
Sonko: I'm Unable to Pay School Fees for my Kids

Africa-PressKenya. Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, now says he is unable to cater for his needs and those of his family, including paying school fees for his young ones.

Through an application filed at the High Court, Sonko wants the court to release the Ksh15 million he deposited as cash bail in a graft case.

He wants to be allowed to substitute the cash bail with other assets as security to save him from a financial meltdown.

“I am asking the court to be allowed to deposit security in place of the cash bail to enable me access the money for purposes of attending to my health, paying school fees for my young ones, pay my lawyers and cater for my daily needs and those of my family,” said Sonko.

Sonko, in the application, argued that he has no other source of income and since his accounts were frozen he has had a very hard time taking care of his family.

The former governor has, however, assembled three high-end vehicles worth Ksh30.4 million which he is willing to surrender to court so that he can have the Ksh15 million cash bail back.

His lawyer, Philip Kaingu, justifying Sonko’s plea told the court that his client has no intention of absconding from court hearings.

“The graft cases against him have proceeded well with more than 10 witnesses which means there is no risk of him absconding court. It is in the interest that he be allowed to substitute the cash bail to enable him fend for his family,” said Kaingu.

In his affidavit, Sonko told the court that he personally raised Ksh5 million to secure his release while his friends contributed the remaining Ksh10 million.

He went further to deny claims that Ksh10 million was paid by Nairobi deputy governor, Anne Kananu, stating that she only acted as the treasurer to collect the money from friends.

The former city boss was in December 2019 charged with conspiring to embezzle funds from Nairobi County alongside other officials.

The prosecution side alleged that Sonko awarded contracts to companies after receiving kickbacks amounting to Ksh39 million from some of the traders.

He was charged with three different counts of financial felonies ranging from money laundering, conspiracy to commit an offense of graft, and conflict of interest.


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