Sonko Reveals Recording Uhuru, How it Became His Obsession

Sonko Reveals Recording Uhuru, How it Became His Obsession
Sonko Reveals Recording Uhuru, How it Became His Obsession

Africa-Press – Kenya. Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, has come out to reveal why he started recording conversations and his first instance when he was forced to put President Uhuru Kenyatta on loudspeaker in public.

Speaking on KTN News on Tuesday, November 23, Sonko stated that his first instance where he tapped a conversation was when rescuing residents of South B estate in Nairobi during demolitions that were taking place at midnight.

The instance forced him to put the Head of State on speaker in order to scare away over 400 police officers and other government officials who were supervising the demolitions.

The outspoken former city boss further claimed that he was pushed to advance the conversation recording habit due to cartels and crooks who had deep roots in the system he inherited from the previous county government.

“It’s all worth it,” he noted. “I only record crooks and cartels. If you are my friend, you have nothing to be afraid of. But if you come to me with plans of stealing, I will expose you to everyone.”

“I haven’t always been recording people. When I became governor, I inherited a city that was known for corruption and sleaze. I had people come into my office, calling me trying to broker deals that would steal from the city,” he added. “That is why I started recording people and exposing them. Soon, they were afraid of me and kept off stealing from the public.”

Sonko, a man with several court cases, added that he has nothing to lose and that is why he will not stop releasing videos and other recorded conversations.

“I have nothing to lose anymore. Even if I never get back into elective politics again, I need to finish this war for the 40 million Kenyans who do not have a chance at justice. If someone like me, someone with means can be cheated out of justice, what chance do the poor Kenyans have?”

His recording obsession hit the public limelight on November 16 when he first released a video painting the rotten state of the Judiciary.

The allegations went to an extent of forming social media trends, #SonkoLeaks, which he has been releasing in series form.

At the center of his recordings is a High Court Judge, Said Juma Chitembwe. According to him, the videos are part of his larger scheme to clean up the Judiciary.

“We have recordings that go back for months on how justice within the courts goes to the highest bidder. If you give a Judge Ksh100 million, it is the one who will give Ksh200 million that will win the case. It has nothing to do with justice,” noted Sonko.

These recordings have caused a storm forcing the Judicial Service Commission to form a panel to look into the allegations raised by Sonko.

Justice Said Chitembwe has also been given 14 days to respond to the allegations labelled against him.

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