Student’s Ksh102M: Why Kang’ata Wants Treasury Officials Arrested

Student's Ksh102M: Why Kang'ata Wants Treasury Officials Arrested
Student's Ksh102M: Why Kang'ata Wants Treasury Officials Arrested

Africa-Press – Kenya. Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata came to the defense of a 21-year-old university student who was allegedly sent Ksh102,654,024 by her Belgian lover.

Speaking during an interview in a local TV station on Tuesday, November 23, Kang’ata called for the apprehension of the Treasury, Central Bank of Kenya, and The Assets Recovery Agency heads, saying they were invading the student’s privacy.

The Senator argued that the student had a right to privacy, therefore, the authorities needed to steer clear off her money. He added that the government’s decision to freeze her account was wrong and in bad faith.

“If she were a public servant or a proxy to a public servant, I would support that. These requirements of disclosure need to be there but they should relate to public employees and their proxies,” he continued.

ARA claimed that the money was suspiciously wired and alleged that they were proceeds of unlawful activities.

Further, the authority sought court orders to deny her access to the funds, a request that was granted by the court leading to the freezing of her account for 90 days.

“The idea of the government wanting to get money from private citizens on the basis of all these things is making Kenya unfriendly to investors… we are coming up with laws which negate economic development,” Kang’ata stated.

The student’s boyfriend, Merc De Mesel, has since made a statement confirming that he sent the money to her.

Mesel is a bitcoin billionaire, having started trading in the virtual currency in 2008.

“As investors with every exchange and every bank, you need to do this constantly and there is a trace on where the money is coming from. It’s from my investments and my brokerage,” the bitcoin investor stated.

“I knew there were more unlawful activities in Africa than Europe but without any notice, summon or question by police, suddenly being apprehended in my home, seizing my laptop, phone and passport, taken away handcuffed, as well as my pregnant girlfriend, I did not expect,” Mesel stated.

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