Thirty injured, one killed in Tuesday protests in Kisii, says Arati

Thirty injured, one killed in Tuesday protests in Kisii, says Arati
Thirty injured, one killed in Tuesday protests in Kisii, says Arati

Africa-Press – Kenya. The body of a male protester was taken into Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital as violent protests boiled over Tuesday afternoon. It had gunshot wounds, County Governor Simba Arati had said.

Some 30 protesters were still being attended to at the facility the governor said when he visited the facility on Wednesday.

Two people among the thirty had sustained gunshot injuries and are due for theatre operations, Arati said.

Also at the same health facility, an expectant woman was brought in with injuries as protests escalated across the county’s capital late Tuesday.

It was, however not immediately ascertained if she was also in the streets protesting.

A Form Four student is also among the thirty being treated. She was due to return to school today.

An officer deployed to foil attacks on a gated residence in the vicinity of the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital was treated and discharged.

Arati claimed about 376 suspected goons were on the prowl destroying businesses and looting property with abandon as the protests went on in the streets.

Security agencies were yet to give a brief about the demos.

“Some (protesters)are said to be new in this town indicating a possibility they came from other quarters to cause mayhem here,” the Governor told journalists after visiting the patients at the referral wards.

He was accompanied by ward reps Steve Arika (Ibeno), Peter Otachi (Monyerero) Ibrahim Ongubo ( Bobaracho) and Monyenye Yoge (Kisii Central)

Arati spoke of massive looting and condemned the abortive raid by protesters on an MP’s residence.

“It should not get there our people, they may have voted yes to the contentious Finance Bill but we cannot sink low as to begin torching their property. They are our leaders still,” he told the residents.

Inside the hospital, doctors said at least one tear gas canister was fired into the facility causing panic.

Dr Oimeke Marita also said fumes from burning tyres outside the hospital forced them to remove patients from the Intensive Care Units from the adjacent building to other areas until the situation improved.

He also said an ambulance responding to an emergency was also stoned during the melee.

Governor Arati suggested the protests may have also been infiltrated by street urchins who are to be rehabilitated.

Separately, the governor asked political leaders from Kisii who voted yes to the Finance Bill to ask for forgiveness.

“Even the president has asked for forgiveness, do not harden your hearts go to your people and ask for forgiveness,” he said.

He, however, congratulated the Gen Z protesters saying they have awakened the conscience of the nation and the protest’s impact would reverberate far into the future.

“It is hats off, let’s us listen to them,” he said.

He told small-scale traders whose businesses were looted by vandals that his administration would help them recover from the losses.

About 15 women were affected during the plunder from suspected goons.

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