Uhuru is mishandling his transition, says Sossion

Uhuru is mishandling his transition, says Sossion
Uhuru is mishandling his transition, says Sossion

Africa-Press – Kenya. Nominated Member of Parliament Wilson Sossion has claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta is mishandling his transition by supporting the Azimio camp.

Speaking at Citizen TV on Thursday, Sossion said that Uhuru is being dishonest by dictating his support to a specific coalition to win the August polls.

“The dishonesty of President Uhuru is the source of problems in the political space. Mt. Kenya is President Uhuru’s base but the people are disagreeing with him because they can tell lies. President Uhuru is mishandling the transition,” Sossion said.

He said that Uhuru’s body language is destroying the unity and moral fabric of the country.

Sossion said that decent politics involves an outgoing president handing over power to the next government without telling Kenyans whom to vote for.

“The nature of politics in the race to August polls is strongly issue-based and that is where we want Kenyans to focus on,” he said.

Sossion said the interests of the president are not genuine and sincere.

He said that Kenyans should be given a chance to make their own decisions in the August elections.

Uhuru recently endorsed the Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga for the presidential seat.

He has also been campaigning for Azimio, urging residents to back up the team in the coming general elections.

He started warming up to his former political foe after the fallout with his deputy William Ruto.

The duo has been engaging in a war of words over Uhuru’s support for Azimio.

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