Uhuru’s Youngest CAS Stands Out With Life-Changing Initiative

Uhuru's Youngest CAS Stands Out With Life-Changing Initiative
Uhuru's Youngest CAS Stands Out With Life-Changing Initiative

Africa-Press – Kenya. Nadia Ahmed Abdalla, Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) at the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, is one of the outstanding appointees in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Instead of running a money-making venture from proceeds of her high-paying government job, Nadia has chosen to run an initiative whose impact on society is life-changing.

Nadia, who was appointed at the age of 29, is now running a series of narratives and events highlighting the plight of girls, young women, and youths.

Her initiative under the tag Ndoto Halisi has partnered with international organisations such as United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) which is also bankrolling the initiative.

She has continued to embrace the youths in the society pushing them towards achieving their dreams and advancing their careers.

In her latest project, Nadia has overseen a group of young people scoop Ksh100,000 in a competition aimed at bringing a solution for mental health issues in the country. She ran the project in partnership with the University of Nairobi among others .

Her life-changing initiative is part of preparation before launching her book to further amplify her need to impact society. Nadia has written a book called, Of Dreams and Whatever, set to be officially launched in December.

The book is solemnly based on the necessity of having someone be candid about issues young girls go through.

“I am driven by the zeal of influencing change in our society. I am very hard working and a go-getter working towards changing the narratives of the minorities in our country. I wanted to show young women and girls who looked like me that we can also be part of the decision-making table, part of policy reforms and just be a representation of the minorities, which is where I come from,” she stated in one of her past interviews.

Through her initiative, Nadia has brought on board other top women leaders who share her ambition and goal. They have toured different parts of the country impacting lives. Her first coverage was focused on Lamu county.

This initiative is in line with another campaign that was launched by Uhuru, Kenya ni Mimi na Wewe spearheaded by her docket. The campaign is meant to promote the One Kenya Agenda and empower the youths to occupy leadership spaces and be part of the economic development in the country.

The campaign is part of the Big 4 Agenda fronted by the Jubilee government as part of their campaign promise to Kenyans.

Nadia’s social media pages are full of activities with most youths clouding the platform to appreciate the young CAS for her work well done.

To inspire writers, Nadia also launched a website where she dedicated it to publishing outstanding content from different writers from various parts of the country.

Through the Presidential Digital Talent Programme, the government seeks to expand and offer more opportunities for the youth.

Nadia previously worked at the Mombasa County department of trade, tourism, and investments as a chief tourism officer.

“Doing this job has been empowering and the reason behind it is having an extremely supportive Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru. Being at the Ministry and in this position, I am given a chance to learn and experience, and also my ideas are heard and some implemented,” she stated while appreciating her new role.

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