Unbowed Noordin Haji Ready to Quit DPP Position

Unbowed Noordin Haji Ready to Quit DPP Position
Unbowed Noordin Haji Ready to Quit DPP Position

Africa-Press – Kenya. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji, now says he is ready to quit his job, should the president establish a tribunal which finds him guilty of all the accusations made against him.

In a TV interview on Wednesday, November 24, the DPP told off those who have lodged petitions at the Public Service Commission(PSC) to have him removed from office.

Haji stated that he has a term that is yet to lapse, but if he has to leave the office due to incompetence, he will do so without causing any fracas.

“If the President sets up a tribunal and the tribunal finds that I have to leave, I am a man of God and believe that God has better plans for me.

“If PSC feels that I have to go, I cannot be in this seat forever. I recognize that, that’s why I have a term and the term will end,” Haji noted.

“Hii kiti sio ya mama yangu. Inaweza kuenda anytime.(This seat is not my mothers’. It can be taken anytime.

Haji proceeded to say that he was not shaken by the numerous petitions filed against him, since this has been the case even with his predecessors.

He noted that he is welcoming all the petitions, and he will also challenge them because everyone has the right to do so.

The DPP further revealed that he was confident that he has not failed in matters of integrity as his accusers claim, and that he is able to address them to a logical conclusion.

“I have four petitions tabled to have me removed from office. My predecessors had over ten, so it’s okay. They can keep bringing the petitions and we will deal with them because I am innocent.

“I have never been involved in graft. That is just being malicious and I will table my evidence and I will challenge the assertions,” he remarked

Notably, the Haji stated that unlike those who want him out of office, he will not make accusations in public, but will wait to be presented in court so that he can speak out.

“Like any other Kenyan, I will have my day to answer. It’s not my style to go and shout and make accusations out there. I will answer it in court and at the PSC also,” he concluded.

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