US University Honours Uhuru’s Special Envoy

US University Honours Uhuru's Special Envoy
US University Honours Uhuru's Special Envoy

Africa-Press – Kenya. The University of New Hampshire has bequeathed an Honorary Doctorate Degree to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s envoy, Ambassador Martin Kimani, who is stationed in New York.

In Friday, May 20, ceremony, the Ambassador, who serves as Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, also delivered the commencement address at the undergraduate ceremonies that were spread out over the weekend.

In his address, Kimani noted that the crises being experienced across the world were largely due to lack of proper leadership and urged the University’s 2022 graduates to roll up their sleeves and go change the world.

“What every single one of these crises reflects is a deficit in leadership. Solving every single one of them requires leadership that is intellectually honest enough to not interpret every fact using a flattening, black-white, dogmatic ideology.

“The actions of these leaders have massive consequences for their countries and the world, but they are not the only ones who can destroy… The same thinking that gets the world in trouble can be reflected in you who are sitting here for commencement. It can lead you to destroy value in your company which leads to life-altering job losses. It can lead to unethical management. It can feed hatred and division in your community. The world is crying out for leaders—at the global and local levels—who can be bold in their actions while being responsible and humble about their limits,” he stated.

Kimani, however, noted that there was hope in changing the status quo through the advancement in the technology.

“Never in human history have we had more wealth, technology and know-how. Every single major challenge our communities, countries and the world are facing can be solved.

“Every one of them is an opportunity for you to make your career and reputation,” he added.

The Ambassador also serves as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s special envoy for countering violent extremism and is the immediate past director of Kenya’s National Counter-Terrorism Centre.

In recent years, the Ambassador has attracted global attention including in mid-February when he boldly told off Russian President Vladimir Putin, for undermining Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

At the time, Kimani noted that the move by Putin to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states were the spark that would ignite a full-blown conflict between the two nations.

In December 2021, Kimani was ranked among the Top 100 Most Influential Kenyans by

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