Veteran Journalist Dies After Being Bedridden for 14 Years

Veteran Journalist Dies After Being Bedridden for 14 Years
Veteran Journalist Dies After Being Bedridden for 14 Years

Africa-PressKenya. Veteran journalist Dominic Odipo has passed on. His family has confirmed to

His brother Francis Odipo states that the former journalist passed away on Saturday, September 11, 2021, at a Nairobi hospital.

Odipo passed on after suffering from stroke-related complications. He had been bedridden for 14 years, after suffering a stroke in 2013.

In 2019, Odipo suffered yet another stroke that took away his ability to speak. The stroke, the renowned journalist was unable to walk and speak.

After that, his brother Francis Odipo, who was a pillar in the journalist’s life said that Odipo used to communicate with signs and writing when they communicated.

The cost of treatment has been something akin to a run on a bank. Unable to foot the bill the family opted for home-based care, with support from specialised caregivers.

The second stroke prompted a fundraiser in July 2020, to take Odipo back to the hospital and to ensure his guaranteed care going forward.

Odipo was an active and key member of the second liberation movement, which pushed for reforms and a new constitution.

He was a remarkable journalist who worked as a senior business writer at The Weekly Review and Business Editor at The Standard Newspaper.

He also ran one of the longest-running political columns in The Standard Newspaper until 2013 when he suffered a stroke.

Veteran journalist Kwendo Opanga described Odipo as a versatile, well-read and informed teacher, journalist, political consultant, communications adviser, a contributor to political discourse and family man.


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