Voting under way in Kenya´s presidential election

Voting under way in Kenya´s presidential election
Voting under way in Kenya´s presidential election

Africa-Press – Kenya. Kenya’s presidential hopeful William Ruto cast his ballot on Tuesday in his home village of Sugoi, as polls opened for Kenyans to elect a new leader.

Having served as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s deputy for the entirety of his two terms, Ruto is looking to topple Kenyatta-backed veteran politician Raila Odinga for the top seat.

” said William Ruto.

Outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya´s first president, cut across the usual ethnic lines and angered Ruto by backing longtime rival Odinga after their bitter 2017 election contest.

Kenyatta who was also seen voting says he’s hopeful for a peaceful transition of power

expressed Uhuru Kneyatta, President of Kenya.

If neither wins more than 50 percent, Kenya would be forced to hold a run-off for the first time in its history.

No presidential election outcome has gone uncontested since 2002, creating an anxious wait for this year’s results which are not expected for several days.

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