Waluke’s only crime is being Luhya – Sifuna

Waluke's only crime is being Luhya - Sifuna
Waluke's only crime is being Luhya - Sifuna

Africa-Press – Kenya. Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna now says Sirisia MP John Waluke’s only crime is that he is from the Luhya community.

Sifuna said it was unfair that the legislator was not granted amnesty alongside other political figures.

“I think Waluke’s only crime is that he is a Luhya. Because we do not see any amnesty being extended to people from Western Kenya,” he said.

He spoke on Tuesday during a press briefing.

Sifuna said Waluke should have been accorded the same courtesy as Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi and his Gender counterpart Aisha Jumwa.

“If it was okay for charges against other people to be dropped, then it must be okay for charges against Waluke to be dropped as well,” he said.

On Thursday, November 10, Sifuna called upon the Kenya Kwanza government to extend their “freedom is here” slogan to the MP.

“I hope you also extend it to my brother Waluke. The government should look at this matter and see if it is possible to extend this freedom to Waluke and the hustlers before you get to the bosses.”

Waluke was jailed on October for 67 years over Sh297 million National Cereals and Produce Board maize fraud case.

The Court had earlier dismissed Waluke’s appeal saying he and his business partner Grace Wakhungu were properly convicted.

He was however granted a Sh10 million bail on Friday, November 18, as the Court of Appeal determines the case.

In the last month, DPP Noordin Haji withdrew cases of prominent figures including the two CSs.

He cited lack of sufficient evidence made him withdraw the cases.

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