Watch Jeff Koinange Ambush Citizen TV Director During Bulletin

Watch Jeff Koinange Ambush Citizen TV Director During Bulletin
Watch Jeff Koinange Ambush Citizen TV Director During Bulletin

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news anchors Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange ambushed one of their news directors during a live bulletin.

The incident, which occurred at the tail end of the duo’s Sunday Live Show on May 2, was held to mark the birthday of celebrated director and producer Monica Kiragu.

The two news anchors first put up the image of the director on the screen alongside the words ‘Happy Birthday’ before declaring that they could not end the show without honouring her.

“We cannot let this broadcast end without acknowledging and honouring a very special person. You are not going to walk away from this show Monica. There is no way,” declared Koinange.

“If you don’t know who that person is, she is in our ears every single Sunday,” added Rubadiri.

The two then unveiled several gifts for her during the live broadcast including a cake with Koinange referring to her as a super director.

“We acknowledge and we appreciate you,” stated Koinange even as the birthday girl shied away from the camera and refused to be video taped.

Since 2017, Kiragu has served as Jeff Koinange’s producer after accomplished producers and directors at the station shied away from him.

In a previous interview with, Kiragu explained that she was challenged to produce for him even though he espoused a tough demeanor that made the producers at the station question whether they could handle him on-screen.

Since their union, the two have made JKLive and Sunday Live among the most watched TV shows in the country.

Kiragu is a veteran in the media industry having launched her career at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in 2002 before moving to Citizen TV in 2012.

She worked at KBC for 10 years and rose through the ranks to become the head of news production. At Citizen TV, Kiragu is the head of directors.

Below is the video:

🎂 Happy Birthday Super Director Monica Kiragu 🥳


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