Waiguru’s Bodyguards Intervene in Confrontation With Angry Woman

Watch Waiguru's Bodyguards Intervene in Confrontation With Angry Woman
Watch Waiguru's Bodyguards Intervene in Confrontation With Angry Woman

Africa-PressKenya. Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru on Thursday, June 10 faced a security scare in Mwea constituency as an angry woman rushed to her vehicle in a bid to confront her over the alleged unfair distribution of resources within the county.

Waiguru had gone to sign a deal between the county government and Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Centre (KAGRC), in order to provide Artificial Insemination(AI) services to farmers.

In a video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, her bodyguards intervened in the nick of time and managed to restrain the angry resident.

Kirinyaga woman confronts Governor Ann Waiguru as security try their best to restrain her.

The woman, seemingly unafraid, lashed out at the security guards daring them to attack her.

Minutes later, after the bodyguards managed to contain the situation, the governor stepped out of the car and approached the crowd which had gathered in order to address various issues.

“Let us help each other, so draft down the issue of funds allocated to wards in the county,” Waiguru stated as the woman pointed out her key grievances.

Another issue raised involved the unfair distribution of resources during the recent disbursement of funds at Kangai Secondary School.

Various politicians have been facing security scares within the recent past which has prompted their security guards to stay alert in order to avert any danger.

Recently, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail has faced two security scares. The first one saw an unknown man appear out of the blues as Uhuru was delivering a speech in Lamu on Thursday, May 20. His bodyguards moved into action and apprehended the man.

The Head of state, who had paused at first, proceeded to move on with his speech and asked his security detail to free the intruder.

The second scare came when Uhuru’s presidential motorcade, while on a tour of Lucky Summer estate, Nairobi, was interrupted by a man who appeared in front of the unit.

The motorcade came to a halt as the escort officers sprang into action and got hold of the man. Minutes later the motorcade proceeded on with the tour.


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