Wetang’ula urges Kenyans to remain united, reconcile

Wetang'ula urges Kenyans to remain united, reconcile
Wetang'ula urges Kenyans to remain united, reconcile

Africa-Press – Kenya. Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetang’ula has emphasized the need for reconciliation in the country.

Speaking on Wednesday during the National Prayer Breakfast held at Safari Park Hotel, Wetang’ula said reconciliation is necessary for introspection and acceptance of the collective imperfections of the nation.

“This year’s theme, “Reconciliation to God and Men,” resonates with my personal vision which seeks a harmonious framework of engagement among various stakeholders such as the national government, parliamentary majority and minority parties, diplomats, business leaders, civil society, and the general populace,” Wetang’ula said.

He emphasized that reconciling as Kenyans not only binds the country together but also ensures harmonious coexistence.

“The National Prayer Breakfast is a catalyst for redirecting Kenyans’ focus toward the broader vision of building a great nation and fostering bonds among its citizens,” Wetangula said.

“The timing of this year’s National Prayer Breakfast holds particular significance, as the country is gradually settling after the August 2022 General Elections, which brought about new leadership at the national executive, legislative and county levels.”

He assured Kenyans that the Parliament would continue to support any government-led reconciliation processes within its oversight, representation, and legislative mandates.

In the face of difficulties and uncertainties, the Speaker encouraged maintaining hope, citing that hope is God’s greatest gift.

He urged all Kenyans to embrace the spirit of reconciliation with God and their fellow human beings, recognizing its potential to forge a prosperous and cohesive nation.

Further, he called upon leaders to fulfil their obligations as stewards of the nation.

“I urge the nation to embrace reconciliation as a means to heal broken relationships, restore trust and public confidence in the government and its institutions, and ultimately foster a culture that propels the nation to greater heights,” Wetangula said.

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