What You Need to Know About New Kisumu Railway Station

What You Need to Know About New Kisumu Railway Station
What You Need to Know About New Kisumu Railway Station

Africa-PressKenya. Construction work at the Kisumu Railway Station is almost complete. Kenya Railways has hailed the terminus and the entire infrastructure as a game-changer that will unlock the economic potential of the region.

Kisumu Railway Station, which is under construction by Kenya Railways, is located along Busia road and is near Kisumu Cotton Mills (KICOMI). It’s 215km from Nakuru Railway Station.

Plans are underway for the re-introduction of the passenger trains through the station using the Nakuru – Kisumu and Kisumu – Butere line before November 2021.

The station and the route were active and vibrant in the 1980s and ’90s and linked Nairobi to the Western region before a sharp decline in the early 2000s.

Distance from Mombasa to the station building is 925 km, it sits on 540 square meters of land and has a 240 meters long platform.

The station building is of required professional standards and meets the modern railway station requirements, complete with a ticket area, lounging area, and functional public address system.

The station will be a park and ride facility, taking into consideration the needs of pedestrians. It’s fully non-motorised traffic friendly.

Adjacent to it is a shopping complex with 50,000 square feet of commercial rental space to enhance the economic opportunities for the residents living in the Nyanza region.

“The hub has approximately 50,000 square feet of commercial space and is expected to provide passengers with an enhanced experience,” Kenya Railways said.

People interested in owning the rental spaces were invited to offer their application by September 10 to the authorities of Kenya Railways.

“The business complex will create business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and create over 2,000 jobs for the residents.”

Kenya Railways has indicated that plans are underway to revive six other stations, making reference to the ongoing renovation of Fort Tenan station along the line.


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