Winnie Odinga: Being Raila’s Daughter Makes It Hard for Me to Get Friends

Winnie Odinga: Being Raila's Daughter Makes It Hard for Me to Get Friends
Winnie Odinga: Being Raila's Daughter Makes It Hard for Me to Get Friends

Africa-Press – Kenya. Winnie Odinga has opened up about the pressures of growing up under the wings of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In an interview with Spice FM on Saturday, July 2, Winnie noted that growing up in a famous home has left her unable to make genuine friends.

She further explained that just like any other child of a politician, she has become skeptical about people she interacts with and has endeavored to keep a tight circle of friends.

“That has always been a challenge. You find that children of politicians, and also children of drug dealers, don’t trust people.

“They have become so skeptical because there are a lot of betrayals and going back and forth. They have become skeptical of people so you become cautious about how you deal with people,” Winnie explained.

She further noted that growing up, her family did not have sufficient recreational activities since her father has been involved in politics pretty much her entire life.

Whereas other families held Sunday lunches, hers was also engraved in rallies or political undertakings. She, however, managed to make friends of her own and keeps a tight circle.

“I think I have got a good circle of friends. I meet a lot of people by the nature of my work. just keep your circle tight.

“This family doesn’t have like Sunday lunch or how people go to church on Sunday, we go to a rally. That is part of us. Right now I work for my father and have to give him such big information, so I call and maybe he is not in the mood, I will just say ‘How are you? did you watch the game?'” she added.

Speaking about her relationship with her father both personally and professionally, Winnie noted that her parents understand her and her siblings well.

In some instances, her father would dismiss her colleagues who made calls to complain about her noting that he understood her capabilities.

When conversing with her dad, she is also keen to observe his mood to understand what he says and how it will be received.

“My parents know us really well and they have always encouraged our individuality and so they know Winnie couldn’t do that. People try calling my parents and say ‘Winnie is messing up and they are like, ‘Winnie can’t do that,” she remarked.

When pressed about marriage life, the heir apparent noted that she preferred tall, dark and slim men with an emphasis on holding a university degree.

“I look for trust, ability to communicate, have a discussion and sought of a platform I can bounce off all the work that I do and the ideas that I come up with,” she insisted.

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