18 Kenyans succumb to Covid-19 overseas


AfricaPress-Kenya: At least 18 Kenyans have died from Covid-19 pandemic complications while in foreign countries.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau (pictured) said families willing to bring home the bodies of their relatives will have to bear the costs or allow them to be cremated or buried in foreign land.Kamau said one Kenyan who tested positive for the coronavirus is admitted at an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Sweden.

Speaking to a local radio station, Kamau said 500 Kenyans stranded in China and India following the pandemic outbreak will be evacuated back home from next week at their own cost.

He said 300 Kenyans will be airlifted from India and 200 from China by the Kenya Airways.Kamau said those in India will be brought on May 4 while those in China on May 8.

Most Kenyans who were left stranded in India had travelled for medical treatment. Kamau said close to 3,000 Kenyans are in China but that no deaths had been reported.He added that about 18 travelers are stranded in Australia and around 200 students in Iran as they have been unable to return home.

Among those who died, include one Kenyan in Saudi Arabia who had an underlying medical condition. Others died in the UK and US, which are some of the countries most hit by the pandemic.

Those stranded in the UK were informed a flight destined for Nairobi from London will now depart on May 4, 2020.“On arrival, all passengers will be subjected to the 14-28 days mandatory quarantine period imposed by the Government of Kenya in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines,” said Kenya High Commissioner Manoah Espisu.

A communication to those wishing to travel indicated a certificate showing a passenger is Covid-19 free is mandatory for boarding. “Also, passengers must complete a Coronavirus Quarantine Declaration Form.

The Test Certificate and Quarantine Declaration Form should be sent to [email protected] by 2nd May 2020.”It added passengers may undertake Covid-19 tests from any accredited laboratory and certification issued at least seven days before travel.

Embassies in Kenya have also been working with the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) and other government agencies to facilitate travel of their citizens back home.


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