Raila hails MCAs for endorsing BBI despite smear campaigns

AfricaPress-Kenya: ODM leader Raila Odinga has thanked MCAs and governors for endorsing the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 paving the way for a referendum.

In a statement issued on Tuesday after 37 county assemblies approved the bill, Raila hailed the MCAs for rising above what he described as a smear campaign against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) for the last one year.

“County assemblies have been able to push back on a year-long campaign of lies, misinformation and undue influence on a document whose centrepiece is ensuring prosperity and equitable sharing of the same,” read the statement in parts.

Raila said despite the mistrust, cynicism, brinkmanship and fear-mongering spread by BBI opponents, the assemblies still resoundingly approved the bill.

The ODM leader said with unanimous support, the country is now inching closer to giving Kenyans the reforms they need to create a united, inclusive, stable and prosperous nation.

Raila said attention now shifts to the two Houses of Parliament which are set to debate the bill before it is taken to the people through a referendum.

“I now look forward to working with our two houses of Parliament in the coming weeks as we move confidently towards a referendum,” he added.

The former Prime Minister expressed confidence in Kenyans voting for the bill during the referendum adding that Kenyans will yet again seize the moment and bring change.

“As I said during the launch of the collection of signatures on the Bill, I have worked with our people on processes of change like this for a long time. I know for a fact that Kenyans are not slow learners when it comes to recognising and seizing moments of change.”

Almost all Western, Nyanza, Coast, Central and Eastern counties on Tuesday endorsed the bill surpassing the magic number of 24 counties, the threshold required to pass the proposed changes to send it to the Parliament.



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