A creative with a vision

A creative with a vision
A creative with a vision

Africa-Press – Lesotho. While most people confuse fashion design for tailoring, a 33-year-old ‘Matlali Neko Moshoeshoe, from Ha-Matala is on the mission of doing what she is passionate through her establishment, KayMosh Fashion and Apparel.

KayMosh Fashion and Apparel was established in 2014, since then, it has been serving Basotho with tailored fashion. It does not only focus on designing and making clothes, but also, making

different types of hair styles. In an exclusive interview with Informative Newspaper, Moshoeshoe said; “I am a fashion designer not a tailor so, it is very challenging to get customers who want to give you pictures of what

they want without giving you a chance to show your creative side in collaboration with their personality and style. ” She aims to transform this business into a lifestyle brand from Apparel, clothing, home interior, art

works and costume designing in the AI (Artificial intelligent) environment, film and all kinds of visual production. Seeing a great business opportunity in Finite Lifestyle Club, Moshoeshoe joined in to broaden her business

horizons. To other business personnel who are not yet part of Finite Lifestyle Club, Moshoeshoe says that she is in awe of how they are able survive with a business that is not receiving

enough marketing as she believes it to be “draining”. KayMosh Fashion and Apparel offers 10% discount on clothing and apparel and 5% discount on hair care. This offer is only available to Finite Lifestyle Club members.

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