A three-year-old boy is shot dead

A three-year-old boy is shot dead
A three-year-old boy is shot dead

Africa-Press – Lesotho. As part of a series of deadly killings in the Matelile area, a three-year-old boy was shot dead by unknown assailants in the Matelile Ha-Czech Republic last week on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with Voice of the Nation on Tuesday, Makhaleng Chief King Sekhonyana Seeiso said the child was shot dead by his 14-year-old brother, who was admitted to hospital and released.

He said it was only a matter of days before the incident, and Ms Mathabiso Sampi’s family also set fire to a shop on Saturday night by unknown individuals.

“These issues are linked to disputes within the members of the farm music industry.

In the meantime these disputes end up affecting the families of the affected members such as brothers and parents as this problem does not win them over to the family members, ”he said.

Seeiso said he met with victims through his office and through the Local Government Election to hear the contents of the case and Matelile police are investigating.

He said since it was perceived that co-operation was not good in the area between the citizens, the governors in conjunction with the Chief Minister, the District Governor’s Office and the security services, had put their nose to the ground to ensure that negotiations took place.

again. He said this was done with the intention that the public should also be given a special warning about these killings and defeat them so that we do not lose sight of the fact that the security forces are taking steps to complete their work and show that be not satisfied.

“The biggest problem we face as responsible for the peace of the community, is that the parents of the perpetrators are aware that their children are still wanted but they are silent when they report the security services. let him know how to be light.

The security services have made it clear that it is important to work with the media to overcome this problem but it does not seem to be the case and we would like to see another meeting where we can do a second plan, “he said.

He emphasized that the decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the killings. He pointed out that it included the “Stop and Searches” campaign on the streets and in the suburbs where these departments appear to be acquiring dangerous weapons including large and small arms firearms.

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