A truck overturned in the middle of the city

A truck overturned in the middle of the city
A truck overturned in the middle of the city

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Khubetsoana community complains about a garbage truck that dumps sewage on their homes and dumps it in their homes inside the Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO). Ideally, the truck should head to the dump in Matamong, Ha Thetsane where the dump is legal.

In an interview with a local resident, Lorden McPherson explained that the truck dumped the sewage well into the city, and that there would be only a handful of potholes in the village where, when the truck overturned, he explained that he was far away from where they crashed.

there but that bad smell reaches right into his home. He said they were plotting to seize the truck by the time they arrived as village fathers. This truck is described as a large white but unknown because its names are not listed.

McPherson explained that some residents were told by drivers not to dump them near their homes but, rather, to go through holes in the road and thus into the city.

One of the truck drivers reportedly even closed the pickup truck to avoid lifting the pickup truck frequently, and then it became a stench in the city that could cause illness and even death.

a trap for children playing near it as they may fall into a pit there. In an interview with WASCO Public Spokesperson Ms. Lineo Moqasa said they have noticed that there are people who do not follow the rules, and also avoid paying the expected amount of dumping in sewage ponds.

He said the WASCO truck was causing havoc in various households and businesses and they were paying M38.00 to dump in the designated areas, but still the drivers were not complying with the rules.

Moqasa said they regularly appealed to the public online to report such trucks so that the perpetrators could be punished. He explained that they had arrested one of their co-workers by throwing a knife in the wasco’s pockets, and that he had been laid off while the investigation was completed.

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