ABC strives for agriculture development

ABC strives for agriculture development
ABC strives for agriculture development

Africa-Press – Lesotho. All Basotho Convention (ABC) has this past weekend unveiled their manifesto ahead of the elections scheduled for later this year. Agriculture development is

among its key priorities with the hope that it will curb hunger and poverty. Another priority is inclusive of the disabled in education system as well as supporting security system in

the country. When speaking at the rally, the ABC Leader Hon Nkaku Kabi promised that the Agricultural sector shall be highly prioritized as it is the back of the country’s economy.

“Nobody is asking why the Agric Bank was closed, in our governance, we want to re-open it

for enabling even those farmers in remote areas to get access to bank services, their own bank will serve the purpose directly. We will also implement local Agricultural

market and control importation of food and improve strategies for production of more food that will sustain the market,” Kabi said. ADC leader noted that the

former leader of the party Dr Thomas Thabane had initiated and implemented Group Farming but it seems to be deteriorating, saying they revive the system.

He added that the “Fato-fato” projects such as removing of sehalahala (brush or callistemon) from mountains should not only be about job creation, but also improving lands for farming and improving

rangelands. Inclusive education, as another priority, will see a sign language interpreter during ABC rallies as a token of appreciation to the disabled.

“ABC was not assigned over to the Ministry of Education and Training since being

part of coalition government therefore we promise to improve education, respond to the teacher’s grievances and give disabled children opportunity to attend

school,” Kabi directed. “We often complain of police delays to crime scenes not seeking, hence we promise to buy them enough equipment that include vehicles, that will strengthen the safety and security,”

Kabi further promised. The Prime Minister Dr. Moeketsi Majoro and some faction of Members of Parliament (MPs) aligned to him were not present at the event.

ABC had been waked by divisions where there are two factions of MPs, those behind the party leader and the PM. These were manifest in parliament when Kabi let faction moved from government site to seat at the

cross bench after writing to the Speaker of the National Assembly Sephiri Motanyane, saying that they withdraw the party from government and coalition pact while Majoro and others remained in government seats.

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