Animal anthrax is starving the Basotho

Animal anthrax is starving the Basotho
Animal anthrax is starving the Basotho

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The animal anthrax epidemic has killed about 20 cows in Ha Tseka in three weeks, and has affected the sale of beef cattle in international markets. According to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture, about 200 countries are reported to have noticed this disease, and in Lesotho, the ministry has banned the entry of animals for fear that they could spread the disease even further.
of the country. This crisis, which is described as not easy to overcome because of the need for funds to buy medicine in South Africa and transport it safely, has put the Basotho under starvation because their dying animals are not eaten, but invested. According to Veterinarian Dr Rethabile Mahloane, the country needs a total of M2 million to fight this disease nationwide.

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