AS it returns to society

AS it returns to society
AS it returns to society

Africa-Press – Lesotho. As part of giving back to the community, the KAO Mine has launched a development program in the area and in seven surrounding villages with water supply. Other improvements have been made to Shishile Primary School.

In an interview with the Voice of the Nation Mr Mohale Ralikariki explained that his community is doing this with the aim of giving back to the community.

He said it was incumbent on the people of the mine where they work to point their finger at the resources available in their area, which is why it is providing such improvements.

“At this school we have built seven pig pens for them so that they can have a way to invest in the school.

They will sell puppies, and we are committed to finding them a market, we have trained about 200 young people to make soaps and we are also looking for a market for them, the soaps can now be used in mines, we install taps and toilets.

In the past we have built teachers and even the superintendent’s office and repaired some of the buildings that are not in good condition, ”Ralikariki explained.

He emphasized that the plan was to invest in education as education was a lasting legacy. He said growing the country’s economy and structure was about bringing about improvements.

He appealed to the government to help create these jobs and help create livelihoods for the families, saying that the government could not extend a hand to them.

Shishila Primary School Actress Ms Nthabiseng Mpae explained that the statues responded to the challenges facing the school and improved student learning.

“This pig house will help us to get out of the abyss of poverty thanks to the mine and that you will also remember them for other improvements, especially the road,” Mpae said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister, Honorable Mathibeli Mokhothu, thanked the school, saying that the Lesotho government’s ambition is to see the natural resources of the Basotho people benefit from the KAO mine.

He said BECAUSE it is based on the importance of education that is why you are investing in education. “We are grateful for the provision of water and sanitation for the community to have access to clean water and to restore their dignity and sanitation through access to sanitation,” Mokhothu said.

The Minister of Mines, Hon. Serialong Qoo commended the mine, and called on it to continue to improve the school and the community, saying that such improvements build a warm relationship between the community and the community. He made a contribution to other mines to insist on improving the community.

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