Attacks against the Judiciary

Attacks against the Judiciary
Attacks against the Judiciary

Africa-Press – Lesotho. While not so common in Westminster, it has been known in established democracies that a disgruntled politician, generally one who is or has landed in Opposition, may sound off against a particular magistrate or high court judgment with which he or she is unhappy for one reason or another.

Of course, as far as we understand such matters, the natural recourse would be to follow the set legal procedures for appeal to a higher court, even if the individual may feel hard done by.

It is legitimate in that case to express in civilised tones his surprise, disappointment or disagreement with the judgment, more so as he would know quite well that the targeted officer cannot and will not take the trouble to answer allegations of whatever nature from the body politic.

In the USA, ex-President Trump is being caught up, after his period of legal immunity as head of State, in complex legal cases that are being wheeled out in various state jurisdictions and which will most probably wind their way ultimately to the US Supreme Court.

This has not prevented the ex-President from playing the victim card and his party faithful making a stream of raucous innuendos about the judicial machinery being “weaponised” against him.

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