Beautiful life, blighted lives

Beautiful life, blighted lives
Beautiful life, blighted lives

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Except for the bare minimum so as to keep abreast of events, I have switched off watching the news about the war in Ukraine, so sickening are the graphics of death and destruction, both of which were totally unavoidable and unnecessary.

Except for a leadership that a large body of sane opinion increasingly considers as having been trapped in a proxy war which is benefiting only the military industrial complex, which is made up essentially of five big global companies that have seen their stockmarket shares and profits going up from very soon after the war began.

Death and mourning in Ukraine: Mountains of corpses found in devastated cities of Ukraine. Pic – PressWire18 The biggest losers in this war are the people of Ukraine and their devastated country.

Putin, contrary to all the rumours that had been circulating about his presumed illness, looked quite healthy when he gave an address recently as Russia paraded its military might. 75 days into the war and despite setbacks, he appears to be more than ever determined to continue pounding Ukraine and will not stop at anything until he feels that he has won, never mind that Ukraine might be completely razed at the end of it all.

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