Beroea is plagued by robberies

Beroea is plagued by robberies
Beroea is plagued by robberies

Africa-PressLesotho. The hill town of Ha-Sekhukhuni has been plagued by criminals who have been attacking residents for a while since the last two weeks. Residents lament that the theft is rampant every day but no criminals have been identified.

In an interview with the People’s Voice, King Ha-Sekhukhuni King of the Hills King Tshiame Tshiame said it has been almost two weeks since residents complained about being locked up in houses at night and that is not uncommon. He reported that the incidents were new and alarming because they were happening so fast.

“After a day and a half, they take money and equipment such as a radio, a radio, and other gadgets that they can sell, and when we look at them we see the shoe numbers as a thin guy because they are are of the (All-star) character.

“One of the things that surprised us the most was when they entered the police station in the village, they were not able to take anything, the child shouted as soon as he noticed the thief,” Tshiame said. He further added that he had issued an order to investigate the identity of the perpetrators because it sounded like tenants in the village.

Meanwhile, Mount Tsoelipane Rasunyane told the Voice of the Nation that the robbers took money and utensils from their houses, saying he had heard that they were “matycoons” rented out in the area and harassing residents.

“I’m a very thin guy in terms of the number of shoes that can be seen in the area where they hang out, we’re researching to find out if they are the ones who are said to be hired in the queues.

They don’t just skip the day and go into another house, and they even go into one of the shops here in the city and ruin it, but it doesn’t sound like anyone has been injured. Following the popularity of self-proclaimed numbers, we are investigating whether they are their partners or partners, ”Rasunyane explained.

A victim of a shoplifting shop in Lithabaneng Ha-Sekhukhune village, Mr Lebotsa Nqhaphana, explained that they took cigarettes, cigarettes, blowing air, snatched snooker and took out cash.

“This act took place a long time ago when the money was sitting in the shop and it was stolen, which I realize is that the people in the village are watching everything that is going on in the shop. I went to the king, this king reported to the police who are investigating, so far no arrests have been made, ”Nqhaphane said.


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