Bio sculpture comes to Lesotho

Bio sculpture comes to Lesotho
Bio sculpture comes to Lesotho

Africa-PressLesotho. Serene Flair Spa as the first to open Bio sculpture depot in Maseru is set to host a career training Bio sculpture Lesotho on August 26th 2019. Serene Flair Spa was established in

October 2017 as massages, nails and facial spa and now upgraded to sauna. According to Serene Flair Spa Founder and Executive Director Relebohile Phiri, upon realizing the need for

self-employment due to the high rate of unemployment in the country she immediately thought of venturing into the nail care business. However she realized training for

people willing to start the nail care business is conducted only in Bloemfontein, which according to her is very far as some people cannot afford the travel costs.

She said the distance barrier made other people give up on their dreams of owning nail care businesses. “After realizing all these barriers I approached the Bio sculpture management in Bloemfontein and negotiated a deal

with them to open a depot in Lesotho and they agreed,” she said. She explained for the first time ever they are going to have the highest standard of nail career training on both Bio

sculpture and Evo. Evo, as she explained, is a revolutionary gel that has evolved from Bio sculpture UV nail technology. According to Phiri, Bio sculpture is

the only five star rated gel in the world, and also the first ever UV curing, soak-able, color nail gel in the world. Yet again she mentioned that even to

this day Bio sculpture is still the world leader in healthy nail care. Phiri enthusiastically explained the upcoming training will be very beneficiary to Basotho especially those who want

to be self-employed and to those who want to generate extra income besides their salaries. She said with so much recession in the country people will be able to sustain themselves through making their own income

on the side without necessarily being employed. Outlining some of the enjoyable advantages about the business, she stated one can work on flexible hours and do

house calls. This is very advantageous especially for those starting out. “Money is never enough, every now and then we need that extra cash to assist in some things,” said Phiri.

There will be different career trainings all with a startup kit. She mentioned Bio sculpture and Evo, conversion course for two days. Evo bio sculpture teaching about the product and use also

for two days and Bio sculpture and Evo complete course for five days. Phiri further indicated most of Basotho already understand the nail business especially those who are already

running their own businesses. “There are also more people who are interested in joining the business but do not have capital,” she said. On charging rates Phiri stated

everyone in the industry is at liberty to charge as they please, depending on what they want to achieve. However she mentioned there are suggested prices and

guidelines in place to assist anyone if need be. Also she explained that the industry is female dominated. “It is about women empowerment. We want to see independent

women,” added Phiri. Other than being in the nail industry Phiri is also involved in the ‘Adopt a girl child’ initiative. This is an initiative by Serene Flair to create

awareness in protecting, safeguarding, supporting and educating the girl child. “The initiative is at its infant stages, with plans still in progress.

” said Phiri. She further stated that the initiative is hoping to help a maximum of five children. And ‘if things go as

planned’ in the near future they will expand in helping child headed families. Inclosing Phiri requested organizations and individuals to give a whole hearted support to ‘Adopt a girl child’ initiative.


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