‘Branding Lesotho through communications’

‘Branding Lesotho through communications’
‘Branding Lesotho through communications’

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Bokamoso FM yesterday hosted a breakfast live show on the topic ‘changing the narrative and re-positioning brand Lesotho through communications’ with the guest speaker being the minister of Communications, Science and Technology, Chief Joang Molapo.

The host speaker, also the Managing Director of Bokamoso FM, Motseki Maboea said the show was meant to fresh back to what Lesotho used to be and build on the future.

“Self-examination is crucial so that one could shape the future, hence today’s event,” he said. Speaking at the show, Molapo said: “It is important to know where we come from before we could think of the future. ”

He announced at the show that the Lesotho National broadcasting Services (LMBS) starting from yesterday introduced new television and radio programmes as one effort to attest to Basotho that they can have the Lesotho they want through programmes with all sides of the story.

He said for the 52 years of Lesotho’s independence, one could tell that there is a huge change to Basotho. “In the past, Basotho were known as a loving nation but that has changed through the years and here we are today with divisions caused by politics in our nation,” he said.

Molapo believes even the neighboring as well as the international communities are aware that Basotho are no more of that of ‘our forefathers. ’ “Disseminating false information is one of the reasons why Lesotho where it is today.

He said most Basotho are misled by the information that is not well conveyed or even fully researched and the information is sometimes used to drive political agendas.

Molapo added that nowadays, media both print, broadcast, social media have in a way caused division among Basotho nation. He said it is high time media think in a positive way in helping Basotho going back to their roots.

Molapo also added that it is important for media to get all facts and both sides of the story before they could publish. He said he believes that the reform process will help media practitioners will change their way of thinking and reporting.

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