Bring those bums

Bring those bums
Bring those bums

Africa-Press – Lesotho. This year you will see that the government is your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunty. The government is everything and there is nothing to be done about it.

As Muckraker writes this, the government is working on a law to force you to get the Covid-19 vaccine. If you don’t want the injection you will not be allowed to work, not only in government but all companies.

You cannot visit a hospital. Some people are pretending to be shocked that the government can force adults to get vaccines. Yes it can and it has been doing a lot of things in the name of preventing Covid-19 over the past year.

It has locked you up in your houses, stopped you from attending gatherings and closed borders. It closed bars, schools, parks and churches. At one time you could not bury your relatives and when you could, your speeches were cut short.

Remember the curfews! The forced jab is only the latest of its Covid-justified assault on civil liberties. The outrage is understandable but the past few months have shown that nothing emboldens a government like something called public good.

So here we are now being forced to get jabbed so we can enjoy the right to work and seek medical help. Muckraker will not say anything about the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists.

The less said about that army the better. Suffice to say they will be jabbed whether they like it or not. Their arguments against the vaccines are noted but they will be injected.

Come hell come sunshine, there will be injections. In three months we will see what matters more to them between avoiding the vaccine or working. Muckraker knows that hunger and thirst makes people sober up.

The choice is simple: no jab no hanky-panky. They will soon be trooping to the clinics with their sleeves rolled up, ready for the needle. That’s the power of reality.

It doesn’t care about your beliefs, theories or arguments. At some point it just prevails. Muckraker just had one criticism: the nurses continue to inject the latecomers on the arms.

That is not right. The magic must be delivered on the bums and in style. The nurses should pretend that they are playing darts on those stubborn bums. It will not be punishment but just something to keep the nurses entertained. Muckraker also wants to see what is in an anti-vaxxer’s behind.

There must be something in those bums because they sit for so long to discuss their theories and ogle the internet for more dubious information to entrench their dubious ideas.

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