Cemeteries are exhumed from Leprosy

Cemeteries are exhumed from Leprosy
Cemeteries are exhumed from Leprosy

Africa-PressLesotho. Yesterday morning a wake-up call was seen at Lepereng Cemetery where six graves were found in the rubble, and two of them were found open. For more information, the Voice of the Nation had an interview with the local chief, Revelation ‘Queen’ Matshe Motho Mothobi who woke up in the morning to hear the news that there were graves open on the radio, he said that it shocked them a lot, as such an unusual event.

He added that the local cemeteries were located in various villages including Ha-Thamae, Tshenola, Lithabaneng and Motimposo. “We do not yet know the owners of the open graves, I believe they will emerge.

I sent a messenger to the cemetery to see what happened, ”Ms Mothobi said. In an interview with the king’s ambassador, Mr Teboho Lebakae, he said he did not see two cemeteries open, saying that when he was in the cemetery there were no dead bodies arriving.

“Apparently, the names of the dead have been removed from the headlines, and the suspicion is that they have lost it while digging and when they return the land to the graveyard, it is really difficult to identify them, they are the owners.

only the dead can know, ”Lebakae explained. Attendees at the branch were the department of criminal investigations who said they were also investigating what the criminals wanted. They said what needs to be done is that the owners of the dead must come and make sure that their dead are still in the coffin.

One of the attendees explained that one of the sex workers was buried, and during the funeral his followers threw large sums of money into a grave and a bottle containing a drink of alcohol.

he said there appeared to be people who were greedy for the money and had the idea to dig it up. Another said the suspect was buried with a firearm as such people were often forced to carry it with him.

Another relative and owner of the exhumed grave said they arrived early in the morning after hearing the news on the radio, adding that they had covered the grave as it had not been dug.

A resident of Mathokoana Mr Lelimo Ntho, who came to see if the grave of a relative who was buried in the local cemetery had not been excavated, said the incident was serious and could be repeated as they did not pay for the burial ground. it is the responsibility of the Municipality to protect those areas


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