Chinese showcase their culture in Lesotho

Chinese showcase their culture in Lesotho
Chinese showcase their culture in Lesotho

Africa-PressLesotho. Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture in collaboration with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China held a cultural performance at ‘Manthabiseng convention Centre on Saturday.

This came after the two countries; Lesotho and the People’s Republic of China signed a memorandum of understanding where the duo agreed to exchange programmes concerning their culture.

In one of the programmes each country has to visit the other to showcase their culture and this time it was Chinese turn to showcase their culture in Lesotho.

The Director at State Library and Achieves, Mr Motlalepula Lethibelane said the visit was not the first as Chinese recently visited Lesotho with the same purpose while Lesotho on the other hand had also done the same.

The performance that was so much advanced with the use of advanced equipment, included kids as well as adults that could not want to miss the opportunity of watching Chinese performance life, as they normally watch on televisions, Chinese movies.

“Since we do this interchangeably, it is the Chinese turn to share with us their culture and as we have also visited their country to showcase our Basotho culture,” Lethibalane said.

He further showed that despite culture being entertainment, it can also contribute to the economic growth of the country mentioning that some books such as Mopheme that was written by Thomas Mofolo, was turned into film and has attracted attention of other tribes. He alleged Basotho to take culture seriously.

On the other hand, Arts and Craft Officer at the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Environment, Mrs Mamaine Motanyane, confirmed Lesotho has visited the People’s Republic of China about three years ago to showcase their culture adding that they were supposed to have visited them again this year but could not due to financial constraints.

She confirmed they are not only exchanging cultural activities but the Government of China has also helped Basotho on handicap skills. “There are Basotho people who were trained by Chinese on how to use clay to produce goods that can bring money and change their lives.

We are also expecting more as this government is going to help us with training concerning the museum which is currently been constructed in our country,” Motanyane said.


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