Confused tongues

Confused tongues
Confused tongues

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Israeli-Palestinian war has got some Christians conflicted. They cannot reconcile their blind loyalty to Israel (the Biblical one) with the genocide it is perpetrating against Palestinians.

They think calling out Israel is equivalent to sinning against God. So instead of condemning Israel’s barbaric and unjust acts, they start pulling random verses from the Bible to sanitise the evil it is doing to the Palestinians.

Reverend Paul Masiu, the MP for the LPC alliance, told parliament that the Israeli-Palestine issue should be looked at “spiritually”. That is as good as saying these are God’s matters beyond the understanding of us mere mortals.

What the Reverend meant, in a real sense, is that he had no position on the matter because the issue can only be understood through spiritual eyes. Yet there is absolutely nothing spiritual about a genocide.

What is happening to the Palestinians is evil, whether you see it in spirit or flesh. There is nothing spiritual about an apartheid system. The bombing of innocent people can never be justified.

But we cannot blame Christians alone for this dissonance and hypocrisy. The Western media has been telling us that “Israel is at war” as if it’s the victim.

They have gone beyond censoring pro-Palestinian voices to brazenly sidelining even the moderates calling for a ceasefire and cool heads. They condemn Russia’s invasion and bombing of Ukraine but support Israel’s attack on Palestine.

The confusion is deliberate. But the confusion of many Christians and the Western media on the Israeli-Palestine issue cannot be worse than that of South Africa’s foreign policy.

One day they are standing with Russia and the next they are condemning Israel. Of course, the likes of Fikile Mbalula don’t see any conflict in those conflicted policy positions.

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