’Covid-19 did not come through Zimbabwe or Lesotho. It came from Italy’ – Malema


Johannesburg – EFF leader Julius Malema has reiterated the party’s controversial call for the opening up of borders to foreign nationals coming from neighbouring countries.

Speaking during a press briefing on Thursday, Malema blasted the SA government for the massive human and traffic congestion at the country’s borders which escalated as immigrants from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other countries were being processed, screened or tested for Covid-19.

The party has been calling on the government to allow the immigrants to enter into the country, but SA has since closed the borders until next month as part of new regulations aimed at combating escalating infections.

In what could be read as a call for the immigrants to jump the border illegally, Malema called on foreign nationals to “find a creative” way to enter the country if borders were not opened for them.

“If the gates are not going to be open for SADC (Southern African Development Community), fellow SADC people please, find a creative way. This is your home. Your families are here. There is no way anyone is going to close you out here,” Malema said.


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