Covid Nonsonso

Covid Nonsonso
Covid Nonsonso

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Muckraker has it to the back teeth with the pointless Covid-19 rules that Mr Softie keeps foisting on the public. You don’t have to be a scientist to see the futility of it all.

We have overzealous guards at shops taking our temperature from the hand when even goats know that will never give an accurate reading. Anyone who takes temperature from a hand is an unmitigated idiot.

And they use thermometers that have either never been calibrated and have long stopped functioning. 31.5, 39.1, 32.5, 34.9, 36.0, 38.0. What the temperature means has nothing to do with the guards.

Their job is to point at that little gun-like thing at you and announce the results. They will still let you into the shop even if the reading is 39. That’s because taking temperature was never a screening method but a way to satisfy the government’s regulations.

People who think Degree Celsius is similar to an educational degree are busy taking the temperature at every office and shop door in Maseru. After announcing your temperature like a nurse, the guards then spray you with a stinking sanitizer, some of which smells like a mixture of paraffin, vinegar, methylated spirit and cow dung.

Then they demand a mask. You have to marvel at their diligence and zeal in following protocols whose import they have never understood. Ask them what is the point of this charade and they mumble something about molao.

The reality is that the protocol is no longer useful as a precaution against Covid-19 infections. It protects no one against the virus. It is a pointless chore.

The horse has long bolted. The same applies to this thieving business of forcing Basotho to test for Covid before crossing the border. Nonsonso!
The point is not that we no longer have Covid but that it’s everywhere and we should just live with it without being dramatic about it.

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